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Keeping It 100

Welcome to Keeping It 100, the cutting-edge podcast dedicated to exploring health topics that directly impact the vibrant black community.

Join your charismatic hosts, the brilliant Dr. Kristin Ball Motley and the dynamic George Mink, Jr. (aka The Street Practitioner), as they bring you weekly episodes packed with expert insights and captivating discussions.

Prepare to be both entertained and educated as our passionate guests, esteemed specialists in their respective fields, lend their voices to each episode's intriguing topic of interest. From mental health to nutrition, from cultural wellness to holistic healing, Keeping It 100 delves fearlessly into the subjects that matter most to the black community.

With its blend of thought-provoking conversations and lively banter, this podcast not only addresses pressing health concerns but also sparks genuine connection and fosters understanding. Whether you're seeking valuable information or simply a dose of inspiration, Keeping It 100 has got you covered.

It's time to empower ourselves, uplift our community, and embark on a journey of knowledge and self-discovery. Tune in to Keeping It 100, where health conversations are elevated to new heights and the black community shines brightly.

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